Damned Souls




Blood wafted struggle
On victims tortured
Anger rampant
deceit of the rulers
There is no right to life
Slaughter for destruction
fall in the emptiness of the soul, death in the darkness of the soul

Screams of pain from the oppression of weapons
The severed head, blood gushes from the neck piece

sacrifice for the madness of mind
attacks to government
carcasses scattered
there is no god but death
which dominates the eye
destroyed in the brutality, was killed by insanity

you feel the pain in isolation
die in vain
rot in the valley of death
never returned

creating a deep hatred
haunt your soul
the death of innocent victims
rise up against

such as a disaster for the human waste
relentless violence
unlimited blood flowing in the ground
testimony of God for sin
leaving damage and decay
disgusting evil intent
sadistic way. run the command
fight or die

history of madness
screaming in fear
wounded in pain
burning with hatred

damned soul


from Visual Antagonism, released April 5, 2016



all rights reserved


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